A while ago, we asked you to share your Speedmaster stories on Instagram. All you needed to do to take part is to post a picture of your Speedmaster on your Instagram feed and tell us your Speedy Story. What makes it special to you? Why did you buy it? Has it seen adventures or memorable times on your wrist?

We selected some of the stories that were shared on Instagram, using the #SpeedyTuesday hashtag. We had to pick some winners, but admittedly most of the stories were just awesome! Some were even touching. If you want to share your Speedmaster story and have it published, make sure to get in touch with us via

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One of my favorite photos of my Omega Speedmaster X-33. For more than seven months this watch was a critical instrument for my daily work in space- waking me every morning, timing the various tasks I had to do, reminding me when we were passing over specific locations on Earth for my photography and cinematography, being visible at night in dark ambient conditions. I probably used this instrument more than any other during my two space flights.

@astro_terry is showing an Omega Speedmaster X-33 3291.50.00 in this image.

This was the one that started it all for me: my first ever Omega. I bought this in December 2012 simply because I loved the look of it. Of course I was aware of the Omega brand, but I didn’t know what a Speedmaster was; and I wasn’t familiar with the whole Moon Watch thing either. Seven-and-a-half years, and 45 Omega watches later, it still thrills me when I wear it…

@steviemac shows his Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 15 40th anniversary 311.

I love Speedmasters, I love Snoopy, and this was released when I started collecting watches. But back then this edition wasn’t so popular (can you believe it?), and in truth I was young and lacked the confidence to dismiss what others might think of a comic strip beagle on my wrist. Ironically, I gained the confidence to own and proudly wear my favorite cartoon character after growing older. I became a husband and father, overcame health issues, and realized that life is too short to be anyone but yourself. This watch is forever a reminder to smile, cherish life, and take pride in being you, just like Snoopy does every day 😁.

@justanotherwatchguy is showing his Omega Speedmaster Professional Snoopy Award 3578.51.00.

The Speedmaster was the watch that hooked me on mechanical timepieces. I’ve owned other references in the past but settled on the FOiS as the right Speedy for me. My young daughter calls this my “clicking watch” because of the sound and feel of the chronograph function (which she loves to start and stop at night while I read her bedtime stories). At her behest, I use this watch to time laps around the playground or any number of various activities an imaginative 8-year old can dream up. I may never go on a lunar walk but I’ll never forget the walks I’ve taken with a Speedy on my wrist while holding my daughter’s hand (and I doubt she will either).

@stuffandwatches is showing his Speedmaster First Omega in Space 311.

Sometimes objects can be so associated with a person that they transcend being inanimate things and are inseparable from the memory of the person. My grandfather’s watch made me realize that. My father has it now and someday it will pass to me. When my first child was born It didn’t take me long to decide which timepiece I’d want him to associate with my memory. The OMEGA Speedmaster. To me, it is the perfect watch. Beautiful, rugged, purpose built, with an unrivaled horological history. I now have one for each of my children and hope they will be linked to fond memories for generations.

@tockandtimber is showing the Omega Speedmaster 145.022-69 and 145.0022.

I finally have my first Speedy, and I’m over the moon! (My Story 👇)
My fascination with mechanical watches started as a kid, while admiring the Omega Seamaster my Dad got when he turned 16. Fast forward to a few years ago when I started seriously getting into watches and I quickly became enamored by the classic looks of the Speedmaster. However, in the back of my mind I questioned if a moon watch would fit in my collection, as I usually gravitate towards watches with a little color. Then I discovered the MK40 and knew it was the one for me. Now I’m thrilled to finally have this perfect Speedmaster on my wrist!
Many thanks to Adam for being such a pleasure to work with, and for making this dream come true!

@watchingbaseball shows an Omega Speedmaster 3520.53.00.

It’s #SpeedyTuesday, it’s my birthday, and I just hit 1000 followers. The stars are aligned, so here is my Speedmaster story. I have been fascinated by chronographs since I was a kid, and obviously the OMEGA Speedmaster was always the holy grail. When I got my first real job, I realized that I could actually save up for one. During the years that I was saving, my then fiancé probably got really tired of listening to me go on and on about hesalite crystals and hand wound movements. So, on the morning of our wedding, there she was, with a huge black box. She had bought me a Speedmaster Professional as a wedding gift. That moment will be with me forever. I will wear this watch until I die. It’s a daily reminder that I will grow old with the most amazing wife and mother anyone could ever ask for.

@thespeedyshutter is showing an Omega Speedmaster 311.

This CK2998 was given to me on Father’s Day. Son was 3 years old and walked in with a wrapped box. Then promptly dropped it. Hard. My wife looked like she seen a ghost when he did that. After I opened it, I understood why she was so worried. I was speechless when I opened it. I couldn’t believe that they had given me such a beautiful timepiece. I was even more amazed that the limited number xxxx/2998, was my actual birthday. My wife didn’t set out to get those numbers but it was an amazing coincidence. This is by far my favorite watch and story to tell. Hence I’ve dubbed thee “The Wife”. The one watch that no money or trades will ever let me part with it. Besides, can’t get top dollar with a dented box 🙂

@toys_and_time shows his Omega Speedmaster CK2998 311.

“When I was a kid and didn’t know anything about the world, I already knew that there was some sort of magical watches that work without batteries. I love mechanical watches since I have memory, so every Birthday party, every Christmas, I was hoping to receive one as a present. The problem was that, in my kid’s mind, there was only one watch fitted for that, and it was the OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional. You could imagine I never got it, hahaha. Two years ago, coming back from my first big meeting at my dream job, I came across it, and without thinking, I got my Speedy! It was a remarkable moment, and now it has the most special place in my collection.”

@jemsloveswatches shows a Omega Speedmaster 311.

Even as a boy without any clue I knew a Speedmaster is something special. When standing in front of our local jewelers display this one watch was different – at least for me. I always thought that it’s a luxury good I’ll never be able to afford. But many years later when my wife told me she’s pregnant, I instantly knew this is the now or never moment. Although grown to a vintage watch guy by heart in the meantime, I bought a new Speedy. Because when I’ll hand it over to my son some day, he will not only receive a watch which made history, he will receive a watch which was worn on the day he was born and which will hopefully also tell something of the story about his father.

@analogiker shows his Omega Speedmaster 311.

Like many young kids, I dreamt of being an Astronaut and as a kid, I was fortunate enough to be on Merritt Island in Dec. 1972 for the launch of the last Apollo mission, Apollo XVII. Thus my strong attraction to the OMEGA Moonwatch! Thanks to Fratello Watches and their weekly Speedy Tuesday column, I had plenty of info to go by when selecting my very first #Speedmaster. As the first, it had to have the iconic monochromatic dial, white baton hands and that oldskool look that only Hesalite can give. Lastly, I wanted to enjoy the venerable Lemania-based Omega 1863 movement beating inside…!

@trav11er shows his Omega Speedmaster 3572.50.00.

“I’m posting two Speedmasters for Speedy Tuesday 😎

  1. Well, it’s the MOONWATCH after all. I wanted one of these since age 17 and my quest kept being derailed as I collected the must have Constellations that came my way. I eventually added this one to the Collection in 2012.
  2. Speedmaster MARK III – just because it’s so damn cool! Cal 1040 Chrono minute hand counter, weird and wonderful off-set dimensions and just a fantasticallly odd watch. “

@constellation_m shows an Omega Speedmaster 176.002 & an Omega Speedmaster 3570.50.00

One speedy that started it all…. story time… First speedy purchase was a big one. Countless hours of research on the web, watch forums and reaching out to many members here for advice. Bit by bit it led me to finding this one, last tritium series and one that ties to my previous work in the O&G/Radiation industry. This one is a keeper. Here is my story, what’s yours?

@travelhomedad shows his Omega Speedmaster 3572.50.00.

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Back in 2012, Robert-Jan Broer founded Speedy Tuesday and it became a re-occurring item on the popular online watch magazine Fratello Watches. Some of its contributors and staff are Speedmaster collectors and share their #SpeedyTuesday stories below.

My Speedmaster story contribution. I bought this watch last year to commemorate having made a dream come true by joining Fratello Watches as Head of Operations. This watch will be on my wrist when our 3rd child will be born this August. One day it will be his/hers – an ideal heirloom piece! I love the looks of the Speedy Tuesday and what it stands for: Passion, the awesome #SpeedyTuesday community, and that hard work does pay off.

@dan.t.meuller shows his Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday 311.

When I bought my first Speedmaster in 1999, I met a watchmaker who was wearing the gold 1969 Speedmaster. I was immediately smitten by it: the commemoration, the gold case, dial and bracelet, the use of onyx and the burgundy red bezel. Since then, I started collecting Speedmasters and turned my passion for watches into a full-time profession with Fratello. In 2012, I coined Speedy Tuesday to find like-minded people with passion for the Speedmaster. Although you can say that the Speedy Tuesday watches are major achievements, it’s this gold Speedmaster Apollo XI that is the moon to my stars.

@rjbroer shows his Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 310.

My first love is American Sports. My favorite baseball team is the Washington Nationals. I’ve been following them for seven torturous years. I promised myself that if we ever won the World Series I would commemorate the event with an OMEGA Speedmaster — a model I’d wanted since completing my apprenticeship with the brand. Last October, the unthinkable happened. The Nationals outlasted the Astros on the road. I began my hunt immediately. Two months later, just days after starting at Fratello, @rjbroer introduced me to the Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Reference 3594.50, and it’s barely been off my wrist since.

@robnudds is showing his Omega Speedmaster 3594.50 here.

I never wore this Omega Speedmaster Professional, although I owe it for over 20 years. The story is that once an English photographer came to me, telling his business was slow and he needed money for living. He knew I collected watches, and so he offered his beloved Speedmaster, bought new in 1971. Painful as it was, I offered him to pay for the watch and not resell it for a while. In case times would become better, enabling him to have it back. From time to time, we still pass each other in the city with a friendly nod. He never asked me to repurchase it.

@gerardnijenbrinks shows his Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022

When I got this watch I had no idea about the crazy turn my life would take just a few years later. This vintage Speedmaster has been with me through thick and thin. It was on my wrist when I took a leap of faith and turned my hobby into a full time job, when I moved to a new country, started working for a new company and finally visited the Omega Museum for the first time, a bucket list item of mine. Can’t wait to see what the future holds but this Speedy will be with me for sure.

@ferenczibazs shows his Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-68.

My OMEGA story reminds me NEVER GIVE UP. Until I got online 2018, July 10, Ultraman was already sold out. But I remembered a forum discussion after first #SpeedyTuesday, suggesting to keep refreshing the site to get lucky if someone drops the order in the process. I was sitting in the meeting room and hitting refresh site icon for like 20 minutes. Just a moment before I was about to give up, one Ultraman got available for me. And became one of my all time favorite modern watch.

@rosputinsky_tomas is showing his Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Ultraman 311.

The watch that celebrates 50 years since Walter Schirra orbited the Earth 6 times in his Sigma 7 capsule. Not only that, but Wally was wearing the first ever @omega to break through the stratosphere. The First Omega in Space pays homage to the #CK2998 that he bought in Houston in 1962. Alpha hands, applied logo, no “professional” on the dial and no crown guards. The feature that sold it to me were the sub-dials. On this watch, the sub-dials are slightly deeper. A bit like moon craters, if you will. I have now had this watch 5 years and this is my #SpeedyTuesday story

@benjaminhodges is showing his Omega Speedmaster First Omega in Space.

The Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday spends the most time on my wrist. Being special to me for several reasons, one of these is that it’s the first mechanical watch I bought for my daughter. Having thought about buying her a special watch for some time, this just was the one. Being limited to 2012 pieces, this also happens to be a reference to her birthday. She was born on the 20th of December (at 00:20 which is depicted in the image) in 2003. I will proudly give her the watch with number 2003/2012 at some point.

@bybbr is showing his Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday 311. on a 1171 bracelet.

Speedmaster 38 works hand-in-hand with seduction and self-confidence; what I love the most is that you can feel the movement on your wrist like a heartbeat while looking extremely sexy. For me that’s the future of women’s watches. What future do you dream of?

@karina_boheme is showing her Omega Speedmaster 38 324.

Although my first Speedmaster was an X-33, wearing the 3570.50.00 made me realize the next few on my list will be different versions of the actual Moonwatch. Which ones? There are a couple that come to mind. The current model, one from 1977 – my year of birth, a FOIS and a couple more. That’s the brilliance of the Speedmaster legacy: there are so many great references, it’s always a new adventure to see what’s next. I love that!

@jorgweppelink is showing an Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50.00.

I bought this Speedmaster 145.012-67SP in late 2015. That feels like a long time ago now, but it remains a real favorite of mine. The 1039 bracelet is incredibly light and comfortable – it’s hard not to enjoy this one when looking down at my wrist.

@mikeinfrankfurt is showing his Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012-67SP